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We work with the local authorities in helping young people to develop and maximise their independence skills.
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Our company maintains two core service packages:

Semi-Independent Living for indigenous young persons, asylum seekers and mother and babies

Our semi-independent support package is designed to work closely with the client in various areas of development as they seek to become independent. Below are some of the main areas our staff members engage the young persons on.

18+ After Care Service

This service provides the young person with an ideal environment to start off with independent living. Individual rooms are provided for the clients with shared use of the common areas. Tenants are encouraged to work in harmony to maintain a clean and stable placement and are closely monitored.
Semi-Independent Living for indigenous young persons,
asylum seekers and mother and babies:

For young people we closely follow and support them to work towards achieving the
five objectives of Every Child Matters;

– Be Healthy
– Staying Safe
– Enjoy and Achieve
– Make a positive contribution
– Achieve economic wellbeing

These provisions are set up within a small group living environment that provides a
homely setting. The small groups allow the service users to receive targeted support
and close supervision, eliminating the issues of lack of engagement whilst ensuring
the client does not feel overwhelmed or crowded. Down time/self-time is
encouraged. All clients benefit from their own bedrooms and our packages are
suitable for those whom require well-structured living options with strict boundaries.

• Support with daily hygiene routines
• Support with food preparation
• Support with maintaining a clean and safe living environment
• Support with food & grocery shopping and budgeting skills
• Support with attending leisure & health activities
• Support with accessing education, training or employment, JSA and Income Support
• Support with family contact
• Religious & cultural needs & preferences
• Support with reducing substance & alcohol abuse

• Safety & self-harm reduction + safeguarding
• Daily reflective support on conduct & behaviour
• Managing Incidents
• Support with socialising and community integration
• Support with attending appointments
• Support with independent skill development
• To support the service user to sustain independent accommodation and access support for tenancy sustainment.
• To increase a young person’s self-esteem and confidence in order to reach their full potential.

18+ After Care Service:
As they become ready, young people will need support to access longer term housing, such as their own tenancy, a shared flat or long-term supported housing.
Having somewhere safe and secure to live is central to young people having a positive exit from care.

Young people highly value having choice about where they will live and being involved in decisions that will affect them which is why we ensure that the young
people in our care participate in the decision making of where they want to live.

Young people’s involvement in these decisions is a valuable learning experience as
they make the transition to adulthood and more independence and, as well as reducing their anxiety about the future and how they will cope, it also makes them
more likely to invest in sustaining their housing choice.

We recognize that a secure housing base is critical to young people progressing in other areas of life, such as education, training or employment, improved mental health, relationships and building of social networks. However, there is no blueprint for success in terms of what needs to happen and when. Each young person’s experience of being looked after is different, and their experience of leaving care will also be different.

The transition to adulthood for all young people, including care leavers, is about progression. For care leavers, this may be a series of small or larger steps, both within care and also leaving care and beyond. Although some young people may get their own independent accommodation at 18 we believe that they will continue to need support as they develop their skill which is why we provide continuous support to young people post 18+years.

Delivery of Service:

We have built a great reputation for providing support services to looked-after children and young adults leaving care. We offer our clients an opportunity to feedback on the service they receive. We also work closely with the allocated Social Workers and Personal Assistants of the clients and feedback to them regularly by way of Monthly Reports and Frameworks designed to assess areas of strength and weaknesses.

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